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I am pretty sure there is no mechanism for "impeaching" a member of the legislative branch of Govt. Only the Executuve and Judical can be subject to the term impeachment.



You are correct - Congresspersons are not impeached. Semantical license was intentionally taken with the term "impeachment". I used the term for its common understanding as the removal of an officeholder for wrongdoing.

Constitutionally, the House can expel any member with a two-thirds vote - though this action would not technically be called impeachment. Expulsion of a sitting congressperson is rare, but not unheard of. Rep. Michael Myers, D-Pa. was expelled in 1980 and Rep. James Traficant D-OH was expelled in 2002.

While the likelihood of an expultion of Speaker Pelosi ever being debated, let alone gaining a two-thirds majority (given the current makeup of the House) is essentially nil... the Executive Branch can put them on the spot by indicting Ms Pelosi for violation of the Logan Act. She would then have to step down from the Speaker's position, and upon conviction the House would have little choice but to expel.

I would call upon Congress to do its duty and fulfil its responsibility to uphold the Constitution and to hold the Speaker to account.


Nancy Pelosi’s Syria trip represents a clear violation of the separation of powers and is akin to outright treason. Yes some republicans went to and they deserve to be ousted too, but they are not speaker of the house of the, “loyal opposition!!” When they write the history books of why America lost its republic, this certainly won’t be left out.

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