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Well, I must say that Mr. Tzez gave my mouse-balls a VERY good cleaning the other day, so he has his uses. It actually cleans them better when he says his name five times fast.


I followed your instructions to remove and deactivate Viewpoint and all worked great. Viewpoint was gone - at least I thought so.

I mistakenly allowed an AOL download for their new AOLDialer. That was a big mistake! Appears this sucker sole purpose is to install crap like Viewpoint in a different flavor. I noticed that there was this file, vmpremov.exe, loaded in the \Documents and Settings\xxxx\Local Settings\temp folder. This is a different version of viewpoint media player it looks like. So I delete it and the next time I start AOL, I get this popup asking to install missing installation files. Now I know this popup is being generated by AOLDialer since it never appeared prior to it's regretable install.

If one should reply yes to the popup request, zap - vmpremov.exe reappears in your temp folder with I assume,a bunch of other nasty stuff.

Of course, AOL tech support is totally clueless about this. All I know is this is probably the last straw for me with AOL. Time to pull their plug!


Doug -
First let me say that all of your comments concerning View Point Media Player and the stealth installation method used by AOL were, in my estimation, on the mark, unbiased and spelled correctly. I presently have a system from an AOL user that is so bogged down I needed a fix. I believed this VPM Player was part of the problem and I shall soon find out.
Mr. Tzez, on the other hand, has shown himself to be a CyberBully that would like to impress his views and software, in jackbooted fashion, on so many unsuspecting users just so he can get better returns on his investments. (Maybe the term I should use here is CyberNazi…but I don’t want to offend his legal team). This man needs to grow up, realize that people will do what they want without his mealy-mouthed opinions, and for God’s sake, get a book on proper writing so he can compose a concise article without spelling and grammatical errors. Perhaps then his arguments would seem plausible then….
Warmest Regards (and a new NON-Investing fan)
The Colonel


*sigh* So THIS is why I get random programs showing up on my desktop from time to time with no viruses/spyware appearing on scans. Fotomat was just reinstalled and thankfully I now know what the issue is. My mistake for telling my firewall to allow it. Won't happen again, that's for sure.


Regardless of Viewpoint or any other "add on's", the bottom line is that AOL sucks. It's just one big spyware system anyway.


great fix thanks, i took you at face value before reading comments, i havent even had to restart computer yet to see results, instantly loading like its new again, mucho gracias


As long as a company installs sh#t on my PC without my knowledge and/or permition, I regard it as spyware. It is also this type of behaviour by big companies that feeds suspicion and disrespect.

Thanks for this article Doug. As soon as I get home I will check this out as I did run AIM for some time. Now where the freak are those sponsors of yours? I can't seem to find one. God, I must be old as someone said they were so prevalent on your page......

Now, as for Mr Tzez, I'd better keep mouth shut in case he gets the AOL legal team to put their jack boots into me too !!!

The last time I heard, people were allowed to make statements without being threatened. Welcome to the new world order.

Marah Marie

I haven't taken the time to read all the comments, so my apologies if my comment is at all redundant.

Who is this Michael, and how dare he ask you to retract this article? It's spot on.

Viewpoint is low-level spyware for the fact that it's installed without your permission and "calls home" with usage stats from the player. Reinstalling itself every time you remove it might be another clue for the completely retarded.

As to all that wow-check-it-out hype seen in this comment section, don't you buy it...Viewpoint is barely any different from a standard Flash Player. AOL struck a deal with them years ago for inclusion in their software, so AOL force-installs it, claiming it's "essential." It is not essential at all.

Also it is not, as a commenter stated above, a "graphics program" or renderer. It simply plays Flash and similar files...big deal. 99.9% of all computers in the world have something installed to deal with playing Flash, but rather than let a user's computer fall back on those already-installed programs, AOL forces you to use their more lucrative-for-them choice.

It was the same when they bundled RealPlayer and ICQ just a few years ago, and they still bundle NullSoft (WinAmp components) to this day: money money money, anything to line AOL's pockets more with the filthy lucre of their partnership deals.

With every one of AOL's force-installed apps, the deal's the same: unwanted software is forced on them, and some of it (like Viewpoint) they MUST use (by default at least) to use AOL's software at all, plus removal of it must be done *separately* from removing any of AOL's products. In other words, it's a big PITA to deal with.

AOL doesn't care if any of that bothers you. They actually think most of their users are too dumb to even catch on; their blatant disrespect for the intelligence and web savvy of their members is, quite frankly, shocking.

I dare Michael and his blowhard minions to stop by my blog and go a few rounds and let's see who's still standing at the end of it:


I freakin' hate AOL; just warning ya...

Marah Marie

Has anyone reading this googled "Michael Tez"? Look what comes up from 2004:


He is obviously a shill, the most hated form of troll on the Internet if you are against the product that they are paid to defend.

Marah Marie

Heres more of him defending VP here:


Then changing his user name to reprint the same comment in that thread (probably so it would not get the spam penalty from Google...corporations teach their shills tricks like that):

Marah Marie

Did a little more Googling, and I see this Michael is twisted. He actually did the same thing to Leo LaPorte, including claiming to have "reported" him and harassed Leo big-time. Accused him of posting comments under multiple alias to flame Viewpoint spyware, while telling him over and over "email me, I want to talk to you." Leo finally closed the comment section of that page to stop Michaels' harassment.


Michael's theme is the same on your blog and Leo's: you guys deride VP for ad money from your blogs (?). Leo never derided VP in his article, so to tell a tech like him that he's posting with sock puppets in his own comment section is a little weird.

Good news: I deride Viewpoint for free on my blog - I'm not allowed to run ads on it and no one's used my PayPal button, which has only been up for about a week, so he can't accuse of me of profiting!


this Michael guy is either dumb or a liar...

"As for the data collection it is nothing more than how a cookie works. It never, ever sends data off your computer"

a cookie is a piece of information that IS SENT from your computer to some server...

forget his rants, his just trying to justify this crap because he owns shares...


Fellows, you must have much experiences with crucifying such sucker bandits.

mom next door

Hey folks, found this site when I googled viewpoint and malware. Read down to see some guy defending it, could see in quick glance he's an ass, so skipped all that. Hopefully didn't miss anything useful.

I fingered viewpoint a week ago, when I started getting a bunch popups despite three pop-up blockers. I found a site that said how to remove viewpoint manually. I did so--going into the registry, something I hate doing. No popups--until I restarted computer. It showed up in the task manager. So I was back on here looking for how to re-uninstall

Here's the kicker: I don't have aim or aol. I removed aol years ago. So I don't know what the deal is with this. I did mess around with some of the music players (realtime or something). I have Zone Alert set with lots of cautionary stuff.

So how did viewpoint get on here, how did it come back? and if it's not behind all these pop-ups, what is?

I know next to nothing about computers so you got to give it to me simply. But thanks to all you folks who know about this stuff, for being there for us who don't!


Point of the matter is that it is such poor code that even the fastest machine seems to perform like a relic from the 90's

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