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Dameon Li

That's the spirit! It's nice to see that some people take the time to present their concerns to Viewpoint directly.

I personally don't think that Viewpoint would gather personal information to sell it; that would land them in hot water, and would affect the people that depend on their technology, like Mr. Tzez (no offense). Nevertheless, Viewpoint Corp. really needs to reform their practice of running under people's noses. What's there to hide? From what Viewpoint asserts: nothing.... Similar software like Flash and Java aren't labeled as spyware, simply because they make themselves well-known. Well, let's hope that Viewpoint actually reads your reply and doesn't treat you like chopped liver.


If Viewpoint offers something useful, they should make it VISIBLE and OPTIONAL. If it truly is DESIRABLE users will want it.

I didn't say whether users should want it or not... I told people who want to get rid of it, HOW TO - and to prevent its unwanted reinstallation. That's all.

As to whether Viewpoint is a maligned and misunderstood useful software, or one thats stealthy practices make it suspect, I'll simply direct you to a dialog that I myself never participated in. Read and decide for yourself!


Dameon Li

Maybe my focus was a bit confusing in my previous post. I was merely agreeing to your actions on bringing the matter to Viewpoint, although I may have sounded a bit sarcastic. My apologies...

Viewpoint software does have its use, but the fact that it sends usage data and checks for updates w/o permission raises suspicion. This is why I agree with those who choose to tell Viewpoint about their concerns, so they may eventually change those features. But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't be surprised if VMP was full-fledged spyware. At this time, I'm not convinced on EXACTLY what information VMP sends.

Michael Tzez

The vmp sends nothing more than a heart beat to the viewpoint servers. Just checks to see if there are any new updates available when your computer is idol.

A step further:
If you are viewing a 3d demonstration it CAN keep track of how many times it was viewed, what features within the demo were viewed most, if it is a car you are looking at it CAN log what color was viewed, really basic stuff.

A viewpoint log would be a string that looked something like this: "7,3432,09,1,blk". Exactly like what a cookie does. No information about you is ever loged. They are a very responsible company. I would be much more worried about shopping online at some not fortune 500 retailer which we are all doing on a regular basis. What info are they collecting? Who is overseeing them?

The viewpoint media player is the elite solution for rendering graphics. It just became free last year so expect to see a lot more of it.

Honda uses them to showcase every car

As for uninstalling it and controlling the vmp. It is right in your control panel and in you add delete programs sections. You can fully control the settings in control panel.

Regarding autoupdate. Do not disregard the benefits. What is more annoying than a pop up window saying "you have new updates would you like to install them now"? No just do it when I am not using the computer. Viewpoint does it when the computer is idol.
I hope adobe starts doing this soon with flash player and adobe reader. I am tired of updating those 2 apps. Also, that is a key reason why flash is so well known among end users. They constantly ask you to update. They were asking you from before the spyware craze. If they opened their doors in 2003 there would be discussion just like this going on about flash. Viewpoint has been around just as long and till this day people are still confused about them. I guess the more advanced 2nd generation autoupdate feature didn't work in their favor afterall. I believe that if Viewpoint had a crystal ball back in 1996 they would have chosen to do it otherwise. I ONLY say that because of the 2004 adware hysteria. If they knew the scarlet letter would be hung on them for even a second they would have done otherwise.


PS> The Aol thing is tricky. It requires the vmp to work properly that is why it is always trying to install it. In this case Aol should have the on off switch not viewpoint.


Viewpoint IS headed down the ADWARE path. Info from just last November indicates their direction for 2006. While Viewpoint takes a strict definition of Spyware, the common usage of the term INCLUDES Adware


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