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Thor H. Asgardson

Brilliant synopsis. I couldn't have said it better myself.


Absolutely on target! I have signed up with Congress.org and NumbersUSA.com, calling every Sen/Rep I could, the RNC and even LouDobbs. It never ceases to amaze me how the Beltway RNC-types cower at the voting power of illegals while ignoring the sustained anger and frustration of American voters. The Republicans could very well lose power in the coming cycle due to angering their voting base (recall the 'No new taxes' betrayal that led to George-Senior's ouster?? Have they learned nothing?)

I am a self-identified Patriot and Conservative. I was one of those drops in the sea that formed the tidal wave that swept the Left from power and helped to install the present-day Republicans in Congress. I -- and I imagine my fellow Republican voters -- cast my vote with the intention that the folks I was sending to Washington would hold the line and represent my --and America's -- best interests. That is, defend the rule of law that says you only enter the country by legal means. And, if we catch you here after you've infiltrated our border you will be deported.

Instead, it seems we are trying to shoot pool with a rope. The very Sen/Reps we've sent to Washington to face down the hate-America Left are now kow-towing to them and pushing Amnesties. Reward foreign invaders with 'Guest Worker' status? Have they gone insane?

Gosh, the very term 'Guest Worker' comes from the failed West German (see how old it was?) 'Gastarbeiter' experiment. Third-World menial laborers came, stayed, and never went home.

Now Germany, indeed much of Europe, is riven with a home-grown, foreign, alien and malevolent population that riots with impunity. (ya know, a couple well-placed Mk 19's [*] firing rubber bullets and baton rounds during the Muhammad Cartoon riots would've stabilized the situation pretty darn quick).
[*] http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/mk19.htm

Now these DC idiots want to tout the disasterously-failed Gastarbeiter / Guest-Worker program as a model to emulate? Only if you want to destroy American society as we know it.

Too many to deport? I have a quick and easy answer for you: cut off all money to illegals.

No food stamps, no medicaid, no housing, no student aid -- nada, zilch, zip.

Make it a felony to aid and abet illegal immigration by hiring them (and thereby undercutting domestic wages and displacing our own low-income workers).

THEN vigorously prosecuting the sweatshop owners and hotel industry that have served as magnets to illegals through the years.

They will go home. The money is the draw, that's absolutely no secret. Dry up the source and they will have to go back to their own country... or make such a fuss that they won't be hard to spot.

Bobby Dias

"Sher cited their talking point that they're showing us how important they are to us… that we can't survive without them."
Where I live, Santa Maria, California is about 25-30% from south of the Us or are descendents. Some that want to make money on the immigration issue say that Santa Maria, and surrounding area is all Mexican.
At one point in the 1950s there was nobody from south of the US and no descendents. No Mecicans to work the hard work some now say whites did not want to do. It was the other way around- the Mexicans did not want to do that work- and today the Mexicans are the laziest I ever knew- except for their lying that they work hard.What did happen here was that me and a drug lord named El Lobo teamed together and brought in 1,000 workers in 7 weeks- from his home country of El Salvador, where men lived to be 20-22 years of age, according to a Life magazine article. El Lobo bought every man a new shirt, pants, shoes and new hat(most arrived without any original hat or shoes). El Lobo gave them 3 days food and a little pocket money. He paid the $40,000+ in bribes- I did not have any money. I had arranged for the local farm acreage to be tripled by making the conditions of new land leases. I created the jobs and ordered the dates for the crops to be planted,etc. I assigned teams to find housing and found farmers' wives to make sure every new man had a good start in his new home as far as cooking and such. None of the local stores sold tortillas- so I told the stores what to buy. A lot of work, but it was worth it.
El Lobo and I saw those men stay alive well past the 20-22 years of age. Only one of the 1,000 left his job- ever. None of them ever got arrested- sure cannot say that about the Mexicans. And the 1,000- 90%+ were under 5 foot tall- they outworked every Mexican that came after them. El Salvador workers in Santa Maria= working together, including making each do there best to jet the job done. Mexican workers=
stay silent when another Mexican screws up-
so they can "be amigos".
If you are wondering, how could I do what did about the 1,000(I was 8 years old)?
1. My mother's father,Frank Silva had brought every farmer between San Luis Obispo
and the Gaviota Pass to this country and set them up in house and farming and money(they had been homeless and hungry).Good ole family connections
2. I could remember anything about every bit of area farming, past and present- on the 40,000 or so acres of farm land.
Bobby Dias


Everyone wants illegal immigration to end except..... I don't know how much history you know but aparently not much. If you are not 100% Native american you are the descendant of an immigrant. Would you have treated your ancestors the same way??? "Ignorance is Bliss" What job did an immigrant take from you that you wanted??? Illegal immigrants do not qualify for food stamps, can't enroll in a university or even a community college. So how would they qualify for student aid???? Get your facts straight, idiot!!!

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